betsyfh (betsyfh) wrote in 0burningflesh,

Shotacon help

There is an article about the history of Shotacon on Fan History Wiki. It would be really great to see it improved because a lot of people don't understand the material, its historical context, the legal issues. If the history could be written, it could help to alleviate some of these problems and serve as a useful guide for people who are discussing it. Where did it start? Who was the intended audience for the material in Japan? How did it migrate to the United States? How was this material received on early anime mailing lists and Usenet groups? Were there any major fights that caused the shota community to break off into their own enclaves?

The legal status section really could use some love as lot of people just assume it is illegal. Or should be illegal on the grounds of what it is. It would also be great to see the list of fan fiction archives improved on to include some archives that are shota friendly. Thank you for the help.
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