Freakish Flaming Amputee!

~freaks and amputees unite for the love of guro!~

Guro, yaoi, yuri, shota, loli, and futa madness!
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Welcome to 0burning flesh, a community for the odds and ends of hentai. We allow yaoi, yuri, shota, loli, futanari, and our specialties, guro of both genders and freaks as well. Before you join you must read the rules as posted below.

1. This is a +18 community. You must have your age listed in your profile before you can join. If you are found to be under age, you willl be banned.

2. All images must be friend-locked and under a lj-cut.

3. Only yaoi, yuri, shota, loli, futanari, guro, and freaks. (Freaks can be of both genders and can be things like Pyramid Head or the such.) No photos, furries, or cartoons (like Simpsons) are allowed. Absolutely no scat or pee party images are allowed. If found the entries will be deleted and the user will be banned.

5. Do not annoy me, as moderator of this community on my personal journal. You will be banned after one incident. You may post questions on 0burningflesh, however, but please be polite.